Start Over!

How to: Get Clear About What Matters to You and Make It Happen
by Life Coach
Abe Stone

This was the first time I have understood some of these principles and they actually are starting to make sense to me.
...that's a positive reinforcement of your writing and the potential the book has!

Paula N.

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What People Are Saying...

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    Bernadine W.

    Educator, Europe

    I find the voice of the author clear; poignant; written from the depths of personal experience, and not a long lecture on personal improvement techniques. 
    --You are making a remarkable difference in the lives of many - keep it up!

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    Aleksandra R

    Life Coach, Europe

    Compelling, believable and useful. The author obviously deeply believes in what he teaches and what is even more convincing, lives out his beliefs in his day to day life. He is candid and heartfelt in telling of his personal story and his journey of change.
    Perhaps, the greatest value of this book is a successful demonstration of how to apply the variety of coaching tools and methods to one’s own personal life in places where one feels “stuck, wanting change, disappointed, at the crossroads.” Good and simple explanations of many coaching tools and methods, such as: values, beliefs, goals, affirmations, goal cards, visualization and vision boards.
    The reader also gets an opportunity for self-coaching through a TGROW model, as well as a variety of open questions and spaces to reflect and meditate on his/her personal questions and situations where there is need for clarity and change.

  • Katrin Prentice

    CEO of Palitri International

    It's a funny thing, but just as you launch it, I am going through a period of time in which the title of your book sounds so relevant. 
    I keep seeing it, and it keeps reminding me SO? Start Over!!!  It puts a smile on my face and I feel "right! everything is going to be ok! what's the big deal after all, not the end of the world, just... a start over, and keep going."  Thank you Abe for the timely release of your book!

Dear dreamer, fighter, and anyone working to move past boundaries holding them back.

Have you been experiencing disappointment after disappointment or feeling stuck and like you life is not moving forward? This is for you.
Are you skeptical about trying coaching or using personal development tools? This is for you.

This book is a manual for learning and using skills that can instantly provide clarity, sense of direction and almost miraculous results from using thought and mind transforming tools...
The tools I share with you have given me a new lease on life.

This book is PERFECT for anyone who wants to learn to easily use mental tools to get quickly their life back on track the next time they fail or feel stuck and disappointed

  This book is broken into 3 parts that focus on rewiring your mind and getting the help you need to move past the roadblocks standing in your way.

  1. How you can think new thoughts! - Activate and use your ability to rewire your subconscious mind using affirmationsso you  experience happiness, confidence, clarity, success, and progress towards your dreams.
  2. How you can change or eliminate limiting beliefs! Fix your view on your goals with creative visualization, so you can begin to believe in and take effective action towards manifesting your ideal life.
  3. How to go for it and thrive! Push the boundaries of your comfort zone with coaching and an effective self-coaching model, so you can learn to ask powerful questions to discover and live your full potential. 

About Abe Stone

    My name is Abe Stone. I am an author, blogger, and certified coach. 
    After rebounding from deep personal loss and experiencing the transformational effects of coaching together with time proven personal development tools, I knew others would love to know about and use the things I was learning and experiencing.
    I began blogging on these topics  at
    Friends and acquaintances began asking me for personal coaching. In every case they experienced obvious growth, clarity, or change in a way they had not been able to previously. 
    I knew this was what I wanted to be involved in fulltime and I started a company called MindLife Works to help motivated individuals discover and apply personalized solutions to the frustrations, blockages, and stress points in their lives, so that they can experience clarity, fulfillment and work/life balance doing what they love.

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